Jiaming Sun

CTO, Image Derivative Inc.
B.Eng, Southern University of Science and Technology

At Image Derivative Inc., we are making cutting-edge human digitalization technologies available to everyone, stay tuned for more information. I also work closely with the 3D Vision Group at Zhejiang University (ZJU) lead by Prof. Xiaowei Zhou. I received my bachelor's degree in 2017 from the department of CSE, SUSTech, which is a newly established university in Shenzhen, China (Short story about our university). After my graduation, I worked as a research intern in DJI for a wonderful year, mentored by Dr. Xiaozhi Chen. Most recently, I worked at the MIG-3D&AR Group of SenseTime for three years.

Research Interests

I have a broad interest in the science and engineering aspects of intelligent systems, with a particular focus on 3D Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. I have been working on 3D reconstruction, pose estimation, correspondence estimation and human digitalization.

I deeply believe that immersive technologies like VR/AR will be ubiquitous as the next generation of human-machine interface and will fundamentally change our lives, similar to touch screens nowadays. Quote Steve Jobs' comments on GUI when he visited Xerox PARC in 1979: "You could argue about the number of years it would take, and you could argue about who would be the winners and the losers, but I don't think you could argue that every computer in the world wouldn't eventually work this way." I'm devoting my career to make this happen a little bit sooner. Join us if you happen to think the same.

Recent News

  • 👏 Three papers accepted to CVPR 2022 and SIGGRAPH 2022. ()
  • 😎 Begin the journey of starting a company. ()
  • ✌️ One paper accepted to ICCV 2021. ()

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Neural 3D Reconstruction in the Wild
SIGGRAPH 2022 (Conference Proceedings)    
PaperProject PageCode
OnePose: One-Shot Object Pose Estimation without CAD Models
CVPR 2022    
PaperProject PageCode
You Don't Only Look Once: Constructing Spatial-Temporal Memory for Integrated Object Pose Estimation and Tracking
ICCV 2021    
PaperProject PageCode
NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video
CVPR 2021    
Oral Presentation  Best Paper Candidate  
PaperProject PageCode
LoFTR: Detector-Free Local Feature Matching with Transformers
CVPR 2021    
PaperProject PageCode
Disp R-CNN thumbnail loading...
Disp R-CNN: Stereo 3D Object Detection via Shape Prior Guided Instance Disparity Estimation
CVPR 2020, TPAMI 2021    
CVPR PaperTPAMI PaperCode